Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thank God it's Thursday. Which means one day closer to Friday. Which means one more day until Mike is home for 2 days with us. I've never missed my husband more. I am having one of those feeling trapped days. When I was pregnant I had visions of taking the stroller for a nice walk around the neighborhood or to the mall or to visit other stay at home mom friends. Ya right. I took the boys on a little trip today-to the dang backyard. I had to get out and since they hate the car, stroller etc. I settled for the patio! They liked it and I think we will have to do it more. I took a picture just because it was a new setting.
They are finally on a "schedule". I hate that word because it reminds me of some psycho mom looking at the clock. I have to admit it is nice though. The "schedule" makes me stay home more because I have realized that when they get off "schedule" we are all miserable.
Cheryl came over last night and brought wine. It is so nice to see someone from the outside. So nice that I think I might have overdone it on the wine. I feel like I have no friends or contact with the world these days since June went back to work. Except for maybe Lorisha who will talk to me via text and instant messaging all day. This way if I end up falling off of a chair or something, at least she will worry and maybe call someone.
So . . . come visit us anytime! and bring wine

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june said...

(laughing with a half sigh) i promise, once again, it gets better. i am feeling like i should just quit work, be a 'good' mom and stay home w/my kids, but i do have to say work never felt so good.