Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bye Bye Tehachapi

Mike's parents took the kids to Tehachapi on Friday evening for the night. It is always such an amazing break for us! We picked them up on Saturday evening and had our last dinner in Tehachapi.
Mike's parents house has been on the market forever and they finally sold it! We are excited for them to move to Bakersfield but will miss the Tehachapi house.
My father in law playing trucks with the boys in the backyard.

Mike was giving them rides around the living room in the laundry basket. A spatula and a laundry basket can be their favorite toys. Why do we spend money on Fisher Price?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

new tricks

After his bath, I combed Maguire's hair. I gave him the comb (he wanted it so bad) and he started trying to comb his own hair.

When Mike gets home he always takes the boys to hang out with him so I can cook dinner or finish some chores. He has been taking them outside a lot and they love it. I'm dreading the heat.

I can't open the refrigerator or any other cupboard without them under my feet pulling everything out.

They do keep each other entertained a lot though. They were laying on the floor forever just cracking each other up and wrestling the other day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beachy weekend

Took a short trip to Morro Bay this weekend. It was so nice to get away! I played with some of the pictures today in photoshop. I love beach pictures . . . I left my memory card at home so I had to use my mom's spare. It had very little memory but I got a few good shots of the boys in the sand.

Friday, May 1, 2009

the verdict

I'll be teaching 4th grade at Berkshire (my current school) next year. I'm trying really hard to have a good attitude about it. A change might be nice for me! I did apply for a position teaching a Kindergarten class at another school. It is a SEI class which means-no English! I'm leaving it up to God to put me where I should be! I'll be very sad to leave my school. I love my principal and am pretty comfortable there since I have been there since the school opened but I think I am a Kindergarten teacher at heart and would be happier teaching little kids.
I am left in a bad position after job sharing this year as well. Our district laid off about 70 teachers and these teachers have rehire rights for 24 months before teachers that are job sharing (no matter how long they have been teaching). If the budget gets worse, more teachers could be laid off and the period could be extended. This means after teaching for 8 years, I am forced to stay part time indefinitely. I could get a job in another district but would go back to being considered a first year teacher. Any more cuts and I would lose my job in that district.
I am praying that Mike's business picks up and we will survive indefinitely on my part time income.
I've had to come to the realization that it's just a job and not my life. So, I'm going to try and keep a teeny bit of my enthusiasm for teaching and make the best of it. Meanwhile, I am thinking of new career paths to take . . .