Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Operation rooster

We live in a tidy little neighborhood. All the houses look the same etc. etc. As if we aren't having enough trouble with the whole baby sleeping thing (see previous posts), we are dealing with farmlife in our front yard. The stupid thing cockle doodle doos at the first hint of light. This happens to be around 5:00 am! The crowing doesn't stop and goes all day. There is some sort of a rooster epidemic on Ravenwood Dr. Last month Mike and Mark chased one down the street and trapped it in a box. Mark took it somewhere (I didn't want to ask). We thought we'd seen the last of our noisy friend until his cousin/brother/father arrived. This guy is a little smarter and we are a lot less patient. Mike has been sneaking out with his pellet gun at the first crow in the morning-before the neighbors call the cops. He pokes in the bushes with the flashlight but the thing won't give himself away. Little did we know that he roosts in the tree above our roof about 50 feet up!
This morning I am laying in bed and hear the worlds loudest screech. Mike shot him out of the tree and I haven't heard him since. Before I was sleep deprived I might have felt bad.

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Holly said...

Ha! Pesky bird deserves what he gets. Maybe you'll have a delicious dinner, sans the pellets! Enjoy the silence...