Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New homies

Keller and Maguire made some new friends yesterday. Really, they just sat there like the drooling baby blobs they are while I visited with my friends Andrea and Janelle. These lucky girls used to teach with me and now get to stay home with their babies Emery (orange) and Maddy (pink). It's nice to have stay at home friends for those days when I don't work and need some playdates for myself. And I'm sure that way too soon Keller and Maguire will thank me for hanging out with these adorable girls moms!


Nicole said...

Oh I'm sooooo bummed I missed out on the baby play date! Ava would have enjoyed petting your boys like puppy dogs and visiting with the girls! Your boys are darling!

Andrea said...

Hey Jocelynn, You're totally on top of it for a mom of twins- cute new post and I love that new pic of you and the boys, they are so cute! We for sure will have to do some more hangin' out, maybe we can get a sewing date going on huh? :)