Friday, September 26, 2008

A sea of babies

After days and days and days of being cooped up inside the house, June suggested a trip to Morro Bay to stay at our grandma's beach house. It would be all four of the kids! Seriously, it sounded like so much work to get ready and so much chaos once we got there but I was losing my mind and thought a change of scenery might be nice. I was right. It was crazy and hard but really nice to see the ocean and enjoy the fresh air.
People stare at us when we all go out together. It's a mixture of pity and amusement. We all tried to take a walk on the beach with the baby carriers but it was way too windy and turned out that trying to keep them covered was more trouble than it was worth.

Overall the trip was really fun with the exception of Jett throwing up in the bushes outside and passing the flu to our parents. At least we got out of the house . . .

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