Friday, September 26, 2008

Matchy Matchy

Before these guys were born, it was really fun to buy cute matchy outfits. Funny new mom. Little did I know that nobody would ever see them outside of Mike and I (unless you count the cats). It's not like we are taking them to many social events. Also, the second I put them in matching cute outfits, one inevitably spits up, drools or worse and needs to be changed. Do I change the other one so they match again? Heck no-I have enough to do. So, when they look especially adorable I have to take their picture-even if we don't leave the house.


Holly said...

Hi Jocelyn!!! Totally worth taking a picture of the smatchy matchy twins...too cute! I'm so glad you are blogging. I'll link you to mine and then we can really keep in touch. Glad you enjoyed your time on the coast, even though it began the inevitable flu season. Bummer. Take care and talk (or email) soon!

Calgary said...

I am so glad you started this!! Keep those cute baby pictures coming.

Kelly said...

Hey Joc! Adorable pics! The life of a mom is crazy huh? Can't wait to check back for more pics. Talk to you soon!