Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad hair day

Keller's hair was getting a little shaggy so I asked Mike to give him a LITTLE trim around the ears. Our family does not have the best history when it comes to home haircuts and I knew that this was probably a bad idea. Next thing I know, Mike is giving Keller a full on haircut. When he got finished I was not happy. Little did I know that he was a better barber than the 18 year old recent graduate of Federico's Beauty College.
We got in the car and took the boys to Cost Cutters down the street. We waited what seemed like hours while they proceeded to pull down every bottle of shampoo, hairspray and gel from the shelves and then moved on to destroy the magazines.
Already annoyed at the whole situtation, I sat in the chair with Keller. I asked the girl to please even out the mess of a "haircut" that was given to him by Mike. She gets out her clippers and begins to shave his head right at the top! I yell at her to stop but it was too late. She rubbed the bald chunk with her hand as if she could make it come back and I thought she was going to cry. I thought I was going to cry. There was nothing left to do . . .

It's only hair and I guess it will grow back. Fortunately, Maguire was spared and Mike will never be getting near their heads with clippers again.


Andrea said...

I know you aren't laughing as the mom, but it made for a funny blog post! Cute little guy still looks cute, you can't change that sweet face!

Calgary said...

Ohhh Joce!!!
I am sorry to hear about the hair cut. It will grow out and probably softer than you remember.
Plus now you know that Keller can pull off the shaved head for summer and still look adorable! :)
(Hope school is going well!)