Friday, September 25, 2009

The reasons I have not blogged in a month

I'm home with a sick Maguire today so I thought I'd share with you all of the reasons I have been MIA. Some of the pictures are poor quality because they were taken with my cell phone! You get the idea though . . .

1. I went back to work! I miss Kindergarten so much but do appreciate the good things about teaching 4th grade. I have a really fun and sweet class that I enjoy being with all day! However, it is a LOT more work for me and much more stressful. I am exhausted by teaching all day and coming home to feed kids, give baths and play until bedtime. My days "off" are filled with cooking, laundry and cleaning!
2. After a very slow start to September, Mike's business is picking up a bit. He hasn't been around much to give me computer time! Thanks for the prayers-keep them coming!
3. We have been playing outside a bit. The weather got cool for about 12 hours and so we took advantage of it by playing outside. I thought chalk might be fun for the boys to draw with. They preferred to eat it, throw it and fight over it. But look how well Keller wrote his name :)

4. I have to keep a CONSTANT eye on Keller. He is very independent! He is a little monkey and loves to climb anything. He also loves to climb into things. He will get inside of any drawer, basket or box he can find then scream when he can't get out. He is very creative and will stack pillows or blankets to make himself a step. He will pull out drawers to climb the dresser and even use his quad to stand on. He will even climb Charlie the dog. Maybe he will be an acrobat or a window washer.

Meanwhile, Maguire is much calmer but a little more high maintence. When Mike is home, Maguire is his shadow. Mike can't take out the trash, sit on the couch or even use the bathroom without Maguire. He doesn't want much to do with me! Some days it hurts my feelings but most of the time I don't mind!

5. I am a non-stop referee. The boys are best friends playing together and laughing one minute then screaming and hitting the next. They have 100 toys but will fight over the smallest, dumbest toy. Maguire has many bite marks and bruises from Keller. He tends to be a bit of a bully!

6. We got tile in our dining area. My house was torn up for a week while Mike and Mark tiled the area next to our kitchen. I never knew it was such a BIG job! I do know that I will never again have to scrub cottage cheese or avacado from the carpet under the boys high chairs. YAY!

7. I am a short order cook. I live in my kitchen preparing snacks and meals for these two eating machines. Some days they consume more food than I do. How are we going to afford the teenage years?



Janelle said...

It is so good to hear how you've been and to see pictures of the boys. They are growing SO fast! I can't wait till we can start our weekly walks again... just not sure that Madeleine will want to stay in her stroller the entire time.

Calgary said...

I think the last picture is my favorite. It really is impressive to see how much they have changed. We are missing you guys and are daydreaming of another trip to CA.
Who knows, maybe we will get lucky!
I hope you will survive 4th grade. It always seemed like the upper grades had more to grade and the lower grades are more hands on with the kids. Either is tiring! :)
How is Bree?
Stay well and positive and know we are thinking of you guys!

Andrea said...

OH Jocelyn, your boys are 100% boy!!! It was sooo fun to hear your update and see the boys, they are just so cute and changing so fast- maybe we should trade in our walks for play dates so at least we can get a little hang out time in, I would love to hear more about work stuff- hope we get to catch up soon, A

Holly said...

Wow Jocelyn! You've had a busy September... Glad to hear that 4th grade is going well. Do you have a kindergarten class for reading buddies?
I love seeing pictures of your growing boys. They're very adorable and fun! (And exhausting, I'm sure!)