Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yesterday Keller and Maguire turned one! We didn't do the whole giant first birthday party thing. I don't think they'll hold it against me. June's son Tash turned one this week too so we had a bbq at June's Friday night to celebrate Father's Day and birthdays. I made vegan cupcakes for my high maintence child. Not only did he eat his cupcake, he tried to steal Maguire's and then moved on to Tash's. He's such an eating machine. Hmmm wonder where he gets that?
Mike and I joked about how careful we used to be about making sure they stayed on a blanket, sanitizing their toys etc. Now that they are one, we are letting them eat off of the concrete on the back porch.

Balls and bath toys from Nana and Papa

Katy brought over balloons and they played with them for a long time.

I let them take everything out fo my drawers (it was their birthday afterall).
They got new toys from their friends Jack and Callahan.
Grandma and Grandpa Babb brought a party over last night. They brought dinner and mini quads. Keller was scared to death of his and nearly crawled up the wall when we turned it on. Maguire sat right on his and loved it!


Calgary said...

I guess we know who the dare devil is! Sounds like they had a wonderful time. And you and Mike have survived your first year as the parents of twins. Congratulations!!

Meghan said...

SOOOOO cute!!! The quads KILL me they're so cute!!! I love the pics of the boys all on the patio eating in their diapers.

Haymond Twins said...

oh my gosh cute pics. keller's face is sooo cute. and maguire what a daredevil! i love the pic of the boys on the concrete. lol i guess things change by the time we get to a year huh? we are currently trying to stay on the blanket. im holding out for a couple more months hehe.

Kami Dunn said...

Because they are you're first you are allowed to sanitize everything til one...I on the other hand have been flying without sanitizing since day one! You get over it quickly when you have already had one that survived! Kate is my Maguire. I saw the look in his eyes and it's just like Kate. Tara is my Keller (she's the baby, afraid of everything and always wants more attention). Congrats on them being 1. I've still got 4 days til mine are 1. So sad :( to think they are already 1. It went by so fast.