Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meeting Aubrey and other stuff

I can tell summer is here. We have been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to blog!

We did some "swimming" in the baby pool the other other day. Mike just threw them in there naked and they were happy. He got in with them and did a little rendition of Row, Row, Row Your Boat with a spatula.

Last Sunday we went to Tehachapi (ok-so I thought last time was the LAST time). We met Aubrey for the first time! Aubrey is Mike's best friend Danny's little girl. Danny and his family live in Iowa so we haven't gotten to meet Aubrey until now. Many of you prayed with us for Aubrey. She is really a miracle baby. Aubrey was born with heart problems and at 11 days old had to be taken by helicopter to a children's hospital for an experimental heart surgery. In order to save her life, the helicopter had to land at a different hospital where they gave her a shot of calcium in her foot. The calcium saved her life but killed her foot. Her leg was amputated several weeks later. Sarah and Danny stayed at the Ronald McDonald house for weeks while Aubrey healed. Part of the reason we wanted to walk this weekend to help support the house in Bakersfield!

Aubrey has a prosthetic leg now and gets around great! She is happy and adorable and we loved getting to meet her finally.

Aubrey was loving Keller. Sarah and I thought Aubrey Babb had a nice ring to it. Isn't she a cutie? She gave me a little bit of girl fever.

We got some news about Keller's eczema too! He is highly allergic to eggs and nuts. He is mildly allergic to soy. Up until now, the main sources of protein for the kids has been eggs, nuts and tofu!! I have taken Keller off of these things and his eczema seems to be getting better. Unfortunately, everything contains soy, eggs and nuts. I am on my to making appointments with the allergist and dietician.
I am glad to have some answers but frustated by the answers we got! BreAnne told me at her school there is a special table for kids with peanut allergies in the cafeteria-poor Keller.


Calgary said...

Aubrey is beautiful! It looks like the kids had a great time together. Mike is such a great dad. I love that he gets in the pool with the kids!!
Keller! Oh Keller! I am glad you are getting answers. We do not have a special table for the peanut allergy kids at our school, so he may be fine. :) It will probably depend on how severe his allergy is.

Andrea said...

I miss you guys! But I knew I could get a good does of you all on here! Loved the pics, loved that you have girl fever :) and loved that Mr. Kellar is getting some answers and at least you have some direction to go. My sister's acupuncturist treats food allergies, did you ever go to Dr. Lu???We'll catch up Tuesday, loves, Me

Haymond Twins said...

Aubrey is adorable!!! What a precious gift from God! Bless her little glad for her happy ending story. Keller is way cool and i dig special people tables! hehe seriously he will be fine. is he just allergic just by eating or allergic even in the presence of peanuts. some are worse off than others.

Haymond Twins said...

P.S- Mike with the spatula...Luv it! What a sport! He is an awesome dad