Thursday, June 11, 2009

eggs, peanuts, soy and swimming

Keller had his allergist apointment yesterday. My mom went with me to help with the kids. They don't enjoy their stroller anymore and cry to get down in the dirty doctors office. We had them entertained with a variety show of The Itsy Bitsy Spider, fake coughing and tickling-for a bit.

I was given another CREAM to add to Keller's collection. He took pictures of Keller's arms and legs and wants me to use the cream and come back in a month. Many products contain the label: MADE ON EQUIPTMENT SHARED WITH EGG, NUTS AND SOY. He told me I didn't have to be THAT careful because his allergies seem limited to his skin. He seems to think he may grow out of the egg and soy allergy. The peanut allergy is a little tougher to get rid of apparently. So, I will be trying yet another cream and praying that it heals my little man!

After the appointment, I went over to my friend Katy's to swim with the boys, her boys and my friend Brandy's twin boys. The water was too chilly (the weather in Bakersfield has been awesome for June) so we got in her giant spa. It was too crazy to see all of us juggling all of these kids, floating devices, sunscreen and swim diapers. Katy's brother in law was there too and he was a good sport about helping. I love having fun friends with boys!

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Haymond Twins said...

I luv that stinkin' pic of Maguire by you on the ground in the kitchen. so cute. And can you believe Robert was such a sport. The pic with him and all the boys-adorable! Cant wait for next wed.