Thursday, April 1, 2010

all boy!

What a fun day we had today! We started out by hanging out with Bree and Van then we headed to MYGYM for a plydate with the twin group. It is a giant indoor playground and the boys had so much fun climbing on "approved" structures with out being told, "No!"

K spent a lot of his time in the ball pit. He says, "It's a ball" over and over!

Little monkeys hanging on the pull up bar

Maguire spent most of his time climbing the ladder and going down the slide

It's going to be a fun summer!


Anonymous said...

My kids have always loved My Gym! Ria is in a class now and loves being able to climb freely. We go in the evening and it usually wears her out for the night! They also do great birthday parties!

Calgary said...

Looks like a great time. Hanging at the gym might be a fun hand out this summer! :)