Wednesday, March 31, 2010

pre easter festivities and other randomness

We did a pre easter egg hunt with some girlfriends at the park this week. The boys loved it and loved plaing on the toys at the park. As soon as Keller discovered there was food inside the eggs, he was done hunting and ready to chow!

Breanne brought Van to join in! I can't believe how great she is doing getting out and about with a new baby!

Trying on dad's shoes

Mike checked on Maguire before we went to bed the other night, this is exactly how he found him. We had to get a picture!

We went to a Easter picnic at my mother in law's work. The boys got to eat their first hot dog and nachos. As expected, Keller LOVED.

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Calgary said...

Oh my gosh! Every time I see new pics the boys have changed so much. I love the converse shoes. Keep the photos and dialogue coming because I love to see these little guys grow.
Soon you will have to talk Bree into a blog so we can watch little Moose grow too! :)