Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Partners in crime

When I go to the grocery store, dinner, Target, wherever, somebody always say, "Oh I wish I had twins." It always makes me laugh.

We haven't done much that would be considered blog worthy lately. I went out of town this weekend and stayed with my good girlfriend Lynette. I got to lay on the beach, read a book, go out to dinner and go to church in the morning! Mike the Saint stayed home with the kiddos and he survived. He sent me a text at one point that said, "It's really hard because they eat so much. And I am really tired for some reason." Welome to my world buddy.

The boys have learned to work together to get into things. Keller pushed the box over to the bookshelf and Maguire reached for the contraband. (notice the bottom shelves are completely cleared of all things valuable) Climbing is the big trick around here lately. I wish they would focus their energy on walking but they prefer to go UP.



Janelle said...

Love the picts!!! You've got trouble when you have a climber. But when you have twins that love to climb, you've got double the trouble. Good luck Jocelyn!

Andrea said...

hilarious! this might be a snippit of the next few years! ahh, where did the immobile stage go????