Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Keller has been taking a few steps at a time and trying his best to walk. Maguire acts uninterested and still chooses crawling for his preferred mode of transportation. Yesterday, Maguire just started crusin! Many of my friends have said that their kids just took off one day. Mike and I are going to San Fransisco for the weekend without the kids and are afraid we are going to leave and come back to walking kids! He said that he would be mad if that happened but I am ready!

Again, please ignore the obnoxious voice of yours truly in the background. Also, it is 107 degrees here. I think that excuses spending the day in your diaper.


Calgary said...

aaahhhhh, That is so cute! Walking already! I hate to say it but you are in for it now! :)
I just can't believe how fast they are growing.

Haymond Twins said...

I CANT believe he is walking. WHAT! what the heck... we'll be sending them all off to college soon.