Wednesday, May 13, 2009

new tricks

After his bath, I combed Maguire's hair. I gave him the comb (he wanted it so bad) and he started trying to comb his own hair.

When Mike gets home he always takes the boys to hang out with him so I can cook dinner or finish some chores. He has been taking them outside a lot and they love it. I'm dreading the heat.

I can't open the refrigerator or any other cupboard without them under my feet pulling everything out.

They do keep each other entertained a lot though. They were laying on the floor forever just cracking each other up and wrestling the other day.


Calgary said...

I love those baby laughs!!

Meghan said...

That video is SOOOO cute!

Andrea said...

oh my gosh, this is so cute! don't you wish sometimes you could bottle that up in a jar or something??? missed you on tuesday, see you in a few days :)