Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday Rituals

Every Sunday we go to dinner at my dad's house. His house is NOT babyproofed but they do have this one gate for their little dog Beebee. I end up chasing the boys around the house trying to keep them out of dog water bowls, potted plants and their hands off of the T.V.
Mag and Charlie
Keller chasing Charlie and BeeBee

Mike and I made a pact that we would NEVER get a dog. If one of us gets weak, the other has to be strong. Look how cute the boys are with these dogs and how much they love them. Uh oh


Meghan said...

Phoebe loves Lola. I mean, LOVES her. Gets sad when Lola isn't on the floor just sitting there so Phoebe can pet her and get SO EXCITED that she's there.

Get a dog -- they're awesome :D

Andrea said...

hope you all are feeling better, we missed you guys today! hey if you get a dog you can bring it to the park on tuesdays.... he he!

Haymond Twins said...

uh....you can have mine for free..shhh just dont tell my husband!