Monday, March 9, 2009

It's been awhile

I haven't blogged in awhile so here goes . . .

The weather has been nicer lately and I have been meeting friends at the park or the bike trail pretty often. The kids are great in the stroller and seem to like getting out and about in the fresh air. They are also fabulous shoppers and smile at every single old lady that gushes over them and their matching clothes. People still ask me if they are twins. Duh? I haven't been bored or stir crazy and think I could EASILY transition to staying home full time. I've met a some new stay at home friends and have caught up with old ones (Meghan why do you live so far away?) I have appreciated and enjoyed my days at home so much more lately. The boys are happy to watch Baby Einstein on T.V. or crawl around in the living room playing with each other and their toys. They hold their own bottles now too! This gives me time at home to sew, cook and read the million magazines piling up on my coffee table. I think I would be happy for them to stay at this age for a long while. It is getting a bit harder to go to houses of friends and family lately. I chase them around keeping them out of plants, dog bowls and any other hazard they find. They love cords for some reason too.

I finished my last photography class and I loved it. I have taken some really cool pictures of the boys and love using them to practice the new things I have learned.

My job is still up in the air for next year. I know for certain now that I will not get to teach Kindergarten. This is truly where my heart is (if I HAVE to work) but I will go where I am called to serve. I'm hoping I can stay at my school since the boys babysitter is so close but I won't know for awhile still. I am thankful to have a job when so many teachers are being laid off due to the drastic cuts in education in California. I am trying to have a cheerful attitude and embrace the change coming my way.

Mike's cat Max has been sick for awhile now. He has been throwing up at least once a day for about a month. We took him to the vet, they think he has a tumor and wanted to do exploratory surgery for $1300.00! We decided to just wait it out, deal with the throw up for awhile and see if he got any better. He isn't acting sick (other than the throwing up) but we are worried he may be suffering. We are wrestling with putting him to sleep. I hope cats go to heaven.

Mike has been busier with the business these past weeks (phew). Many people are living in their RV's or fixing their old ones instead of buying new but it is still hard to not be able to count on a regular paycheck to budget with!

I have family coming from Delaware and Colorado soon and am really looking forward to visiting with my aunts and cousins and having them meet Keller and Maguire.

BreAnne's wedding in April 4. I have been helping her with last minute details and it reminds me why I eloped. It is so much work! Her bachlorette party is this weekend and Mike will be home with the boys alone all weekend. I know he can handle it but I think I'm going to miss all of them like crazy. I AM looking forward to some girl time and sleeping in though!


Janelle said...

I am so curious about what you've been sewing. Do you have a machine or do you do things by hand?

Andrea said...

that was a serious update, thanks :) I would love some photography tips from you, maybe next Tuesday you can share.... sorry I flaked out this week- my kid slept until 9:45 for the first time in her life- it was glorious!!! See you soon, xoxo!