Monday, March 30, 2009


The boys had Joe's bachelor party Saturday night and June and I had a slumber party. I made dinner and our mom came over. We had a fashion show for our wedding attire and watched the first hour Twilight. (I don't really understand the hype?)

All the while, the boys slept peacefully in their pack and play. Mike and Sean were supposed to spend the night at Joes but ended up coming home later (Thank God). Mike and I slept on the couch and never heard a peep from the boys until they woke up for their morning bottle . . .
Now, I have been diligent about using the 4 day wait rule when feeding the boys. I am very careful about what I feed them and write everything down so I have a record in case of allergies etc. They have been fine and haven't reacted to anything. So far . . .
I decided to relax a little bit on my feeding "policies". They boys had two brand new foods in one day on Saturday; cantaloupe and mustard greens. I'm thinking my policy was in place for a reason.

Emetophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of vomiting. Sufferers of emetophobia experience undue anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational.

For as long as I can remember, I have had emetophobia. (I only recently learned it had a name-ha). If I feel sick, I will lay in bed for hours willing myself not to throw up. I made it through my entire pregnancy without barfing. I would hover over the toilet dying of nausea scared to death I would throw up. It's ridiculous I know. I can remember almost every incidence when someone has thrown up around me or in front of me. I HATE throw up. I'm scared to be around sick people. I want to be sympathetic but I can't.One of my very best friends has the same phobia. We always compare notes to make sure that the other one is not completely crazy. (We both are)

When my phobia comes up people they always say, "nobody likes throw up" or "it will be different when it is your own kids." NOT SO MUCH
5 a.m. Sunday: Keller wakes up babbling like every other morning. I get up and walk towards the room where they are sleeping. I am met in the hall by the worst smell I'm sure I have ever smelled. It's still dark and I pick Keller up from his pack and play. He is COVERED in purple (plums for dinner) chunks. In his hair, his ears and all over his face and body is throw up. I'm sure that he must have thrown up sometime during the night and rolled around in it until morning. I panic. I thank God briefly that my husband is sleeping on the couch. IT IS NOT DIFFERENT WHEN IT IS YOUR OWN KID! I peel Keller's clothes from his body and begin to dry heave. Mike takes Keller and holds him (covered in barf) while I get a bath ready in June's sink. He bathes Keller who isn't phased a bit acts like this happens every morning. I continue to dry heave. We get him bathed and his bed cleaned up. He sucks down a bottle without a care in the world and goes back to bed with Maguire.
I swear I can still smell the puke on him today.
His eczema broke out all over his face and body. I'm not sure if it was from new food, wallowing in vomit all night or June's laundry detergent on the sheets. I am sure that the kid will not be eating plums, cantaloupe or greens for a long time.


Calgary said...

Oh you poor thing!!! I have issues with puke also. I am so afraid to puke on a plane that I have to take anti-anxiety pills to make it through a flight! Really! It is not the motion, because I took meds for that and it did not help! Maybe I can join your crazy puke club!
Too bad about his face breaking out. It is hard to say if it was the food or the puke. My guess would be puke because his skin probably reacted to the acid that came with the food. Sorry, I hope that didn't creep you out. :)
Heres to better days!

Holly said...

Jocelyn, you crack me up! You made it through this experience; I think it's time for your "World's Best Mom" badge. Miss you!

Poodle said...

OH man ... I am so thankful I haven't had to deal with that (yet) ... I am the opposite though, I LOVE throwing up when I need to. It feels SO GOOD. My pregnancy involved nausea without throwing up much and I BEGGED to just throw up to get the feeling to go away.

And mustard greens and canteloupe? I gotta get better about feeding Phoebe diverse foods ... I've been slacking ... :D

Andrea said...

hilarious- I was laughing out loud- not to be mean, but because of the way you described it- you're very descriptive, I felt like I was almost there and ready to dry heave myself :)

Haymond Twins said...

you crack me up!