Sunday, July 4, 2010


We decided to get out of the heat yesterday and take a little day trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The drive there was painless. We listened to Diego in the DVD player lull the kids to sleep and watched the temperature drop to 65. The boys spent a great majority of their day in the stroller but were content to hang out and enjoy the ride in the cool air. The zoo wasn't really stroller/animal seeing friendly and had lots of gates and walls up but what the boys could see they enjoyed!
They were really impressed with the turtle swimming and blowing bubbles. *Something I have been trying to get them to do for weeks*

A picnic lunch break

Koi pond
Again, watched the fish swim and blow bubbles!

They playground

Feeding the goats

A ride on the train around the zoo

A lion souvenir to remember our fun day!


Haymond Twins said...

omg!!!! i luv these overall was it a good trip. my mom just took the boys to fresno zoo and said they had a blast. i was always too scared. i miss you.

Calgary said...

What a beautiful family!