Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long overdue

I realize my blog is long over due and needs some updating! I have been terrible about taking
pictures of the boys....they rarely sit still! They will be two on the 23rd and are keeping me BUSY. The are chatting up a storm and their favorite words include; bye-bye in the car, nack (snack) and let's not forget MINE. They go from best friends snuggling, giggling and holding holds to screaming, kicking, wrestling maniacs. I'm looking forward to some fun adventures this summer with them!


Calgary said...

Oh Joci! Thanks for the post! I cannot believe how much they have changed!!! Your boys are so cute!

Andrea said...

Hey girl, cute pics, feel like it's been forever since we got to catch up.... I can't believe the boys are going to be 2!!!!! I still remember when they were in your belly! Hope to see you soon, loves- A