Tuesday, January 26, 2010

cell phone pics

Nothing much to blog about lately. We have had some yucky weather and have been hangin out at home quite a bit. I love having a cell phone because it's always next to me when my camera isn't. Here are just a few for fun (mostly for Granny) :) Mag loves building with blocks and K loves to knock them down. It makes Maguire sooooo mad. I'm SURE that is why Keller loves it.
Our new thing around here is showers. The boys love to play in the shower with us and it is so much easier than a bath when we are in a hurry!

This was NOT posed. I went in their room and they were sitting like this! Some days they are best friends and love each other so much. Some days . . . .not so much.

Keller sat in the haircut chair alone a few weeks ago. He is such a BOY now! Maguire screamed so I had to sit with him. (surprise, surprise)


Calgary said...

Oh Joci! Your boys have changed so much! Their faces are so expressive. They are just adorable!

Haymond Twins said...

i miss them... :( they look like little boys not babies :(