Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Monday was Breanne's 29th birthday. We went out to dinner at Mexicali to celebrate!

When you get pregnant, even YOUR OWN birthday becomes about gifts for the baby!

Mike loves Kacey and Matt's baby Piper and thinks she is the cutest thing ever. He always has to hold her and play with her when we see her! She is adorable but . . .

I had a few margaritas (can you tell?) It turned out to be a BIG mistake. Mike's mom stayed with the kids while we went out to dinner. Keller had been running a fever on and off for a few days. An hour or so after we got home, Mike went to check on Keller and his fever was really high. We ended up in the E.R. from 11:00-3:30 that night and I was really regretting those margaritas! It was an exhausting miserable night!

I had my camera in my purse so I snapped a picture of sick baby boy. Mike held him the entire time and he is no tiny guy! He weighed in last week at 27.2 lbs! The E.R. was crawling with people and there was only one poor, poor doctor. Next time, we will be treating all fevers at home and having a drink only when all babies are well.

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Calgary said...

Oh, so fun and so miserable at the same time! It is good for you to go out and have some fun. I am glad it was a good time. Shai was excited to see Bree with a, "baby bump."
Hope the boys are doing well!