Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prayers needed

I can't get this off of my mind so I decided to blog about it! I need a few prayers from my favorite people that read this.
I have been at the same school since it opened 7 years ago and have been really happy there. I decided to share a contract this year to have more time with the boys at home. I still am happy I made this decision and wouldn't give back any of this time! Due to the crazy state budget and some unfair technicalities, I may be losing my Kindergarten position at my school. I will still have a job, it may just be a job that is unfamiliar and undesirable to me. I'd really love to take a leave of absence from teaching and find a part-time that I am inspired by and love! I like working and having a little time away just for me. Financially, Mike's business isn't quite ready to support our little family.
I'm sure God has a plan for my future-I am just not sure what it is. Uncertainty is the scariest thing for me. Please say some prayers that what is in store for me is bigger and better! And while you are at it, pray for Mike's business too! Thank you! Thank you!


Poodle said...

You know that church group that I always complain about going to?

Well the other night, we discussed "If ___, then God".

No matter what happens, God has a plan. So "If I lose my job, then I will still trust God"

I know it can be difficult to find comfort when the future is uncertain, but it's only uncertain to you.

Holly said...

Jocelyn, I know that God will guide you with wisdom and strength. I pray that you will find absolute comfort in Him during the time of uncertainty!

Calgary said...

Our prayers are with you.

Andrea said...

Ok Jocelyn- so glad you shared this! I will pray for sure, it's a hard decision I know, but I will pray for peace in your guys decision making. Keep us posted, and wait it out, you never know what exactly will happen at school... things change at the last minute. OH, and don't be afraid of change, I have found it very refreshing and stretching to me as a mom and a person. :) loves!

Janelle said...

I too am so glad that you shared this! You will be in my prayers. One of my favorite bible verses is Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." When I am feeling unsure, upset, or confused about something I try and hold tight to this bible verse.