Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just the facts

Bad news: Boys are snorty and congested
Good news: My Christmas shopping is done
Bad news: Keller's face got a rash-avocado maybe?
Good news: Today is Mike's birthday and we get to go on a date!
Bad news: I have to miss coffee with Holly on Friday to go to work
Good news: I went to a twin mom group last night and I think it has the potential to be fun
Random news: We bought a handgun yesterday . . . not quite sure how I feel about it yet


Cousin Cal. said...

Love, love, love the Christmas photo!

Try some sweet potato, it may be more gentle for their skin. :)

Andrea said...

umm, your christmas photo is A-DORABLE!!!! so so so cute! bummed you're going to miss coffee, can't you get a sub??? :) just teasin' did you have fun on your date???